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Do you like refinement to its full potential? Then you have the chance of owning this beautiful Range Rover 2013+ Body Kit from Startech Refinement for a very special price while this offer and quantity lasts.

Call us today for a very special cost price offer on this beautiful body kit and get also a special discount when ordering a set of ADV1 wheels to go with it.

This offer is valid from August 15th until September 15th 2015 - EXPIRED


















The first thing that catches your eye in a sports car is not the size of its engine nor how it sounds like, it's how sexy the car looks on the outside. Its strictly about wheels and stance. And we at Pegasus are the dealers of one of the best brands in the market and we know what should be done to show the real beauty of the car.


The only thing that can give your car a different personality is the sound of your exhaust and lately valvetronic exhausts are taking over the market.
iPE, Overtake, Meisterschaft, Weistec, Startech, Capristo and other luxurious brands are always available for you to select from.  


The hardest thing to work on in supersport cars is the power upgrade. We at pegasus have been dealing with this for quite a while and we know that its not only about replacing parts or putting bolt-ons, its a combination between proper parts and proper tunning to achieve the maximium safe horse power required.


Luxury comes in many forms but one of the pretiest of them all is the carbon fiber finish which you can have on the body of your car or on the inside. We have seen it all and with respect to all the different tastes out there, we believe a sports car without carbon fiber is not even a car.