Using our state-of-the-art dyne from Dyno Dynamics, we are able to offer tuning and testing services with the most accurate and repeatable horsepower and torque numbers in the world.

Testing and tuning for cars and light trucks is accomplished using our state of the art, Dynojet 424XLc2, AWD dynamometer. By using this dyno we are able to test any vehicle drive train configuration, whether you have a front, rear, or all wheel drive vehicle.
This dyno is adjustable to suit AWD vehicles with wheel bases from 88 inches to 130 inches, which encompasses most popular AWD models. Combine this with the ability to measure 2000whp + per drum and 200mph and the possibilities are virtually endless. Dual eddy current brakes and torque cells coupled with wideband air/fuel ratio monitoring make loaded testing and tuning simple and accurate.

We also have the capability of monitoring and graphing different paramaters from the factory ECU via the OBDII port right along side the horsepower and torque readings. This along with the ability to monitor any sensor with a 0-5 volt output via our analog module means that we can look at virtually any aspect of the vehicles performance as it is being driven on the dyno.



The first thing that catches your eye in a sports car is not the size of its engine nor how it sounds like, it's how sexy the car looks on the outside. Its strictly about wheels and stance. And we at Pegasus are the dealers of one of the best brands in the market and we know what should be done to show the real beauty of the car.


The only thing that can give your car a different personality is the sound of your exhaust and lately valvetronic exhausts are taking over the market.
iPE, Overtake, Meisterschaft, Weistec, Startech, Capristo and other luxurious brands are always available for you to select from.  


The hardest thing to work on in supersport cars is the power upgrade. We at pegasus have been dealing with this for quite a while and we know that its not only about replacing parts or putting bolt-ons, its a combination between proper parts and proper tunning to achieve the maximium safe horse power required.


Luxury comes in many forms but one of the pretiest of them all is the carbon fiber finish which you can have on the body of your car or on the inside. We have seen it all and with respect to all the different tastes out there, we believe a sports car without carbon fiber is not even a car.